9 reasons to microchip your cat before the deadline

Cat owners don’t have long to microchip their pet.

New legislation, which will come into force on June 10, will make it mandatory for all domestic cats in England to be microchipped.

Here, vet Amelia Battersby, provides nine important reasons to get your cat microchipped before the deadline.


1. You’ll enjoy peace of mind

Microchipping gives cat owners peace of mind, knowing that if their cat ever goes missing, there's a much higher chance of a happy reunion. The microchip is a permanent ID that can’t fall off or get lost, like a collar or tag. Even if your cat doesn’t go outside, they could be startled by a loud noise and escape from an open window. A microchip is essential to getting them safely home again.

2. In a vet emergency, a microchip may save your cat's life

In a medical emergency, a microchip can speak for your cat when they can't. If your cat is found injured and taken to a vet, scanning the microchip can quickly provide your contact details and potentially access to any important medical history.


3. A microchip may help in ownership disputes

Microchipping can help resolve ownership disputes. However, it’s important to remember that a microchip isn’t definitive proof of ownership, although it may serve as useful evidence.

4. It’s a simple and quick procedure

Microchipping is straightforward and causes minimal discomfort. A small chip, the size of a grain of rice, is placed under the cat's skin, creating a unique, lifelong link to you. This is often done during routine vet visits.


5. Reduces rescue centre populations

Microchipped cats that are found can be returned directly to their owners, reducing the time they spend in rescue centres. This benefits the cat and the owner and helps alleviate the overcrowding in shelters and rescues, freeing up charity resources for animals in need.


6. A safe bet for your cat's security

Microchipping is very safe, has extremely low risks, and has many benefits. Both vets and vet nurses are highly trained to perform microchipping with minimal stress to your cat.

7. It’s an affordable way to ensure your cat’s safety

Microchipping costs can vary, but consider it an investment in your cat's safety. For those worried about cost, the Pet Health Club offers microchipping as part of its subscription package, alongside a whole host of other benefits such as vaccinations and parasite control.


8. Real stories show microchipping's effectiveness

There are countless stories of microchipped cats being reunited with their owners, including the heartwarming cases of Millie and Sara. These success stories highlight the effectiveness of microchipping.


9. It’s the law

It will soon be a legal requirement for all domestic cats in England to be microchipped. From June 10, all newborn kittens will need a microchip by 20 weeks old. If your cat doesn’t have one by the deadline, you’ll have 21 days to sort it out or face a fine of up to £500.  


Join Pet Health Club

Join Pet Health Club

Microchipping is included with our plans, as well as other benefits such as vaccinations, parasite treatment and healthy pet checks.