From horror to hope: Microchip brings injured cat and owner together

A woman reunited with her cat after it was hit by a car is urging other owners to make sure their cats are microchipped ahead of new legislation. It will become a legal requirement in England to have cats microchipped this June, with owners potentially facing a £500 fine.

But Julie Gatenby, from Shipley, West Yorkshire, had already had it done and was relieved to be with beloved cat Sara within minutes of the horror accident. Her details were read through a scan at Shipley & Idle Vets, and Julie was able to dash to be by her side as she received treatment for her serious injuries.

Three-year-old Sara often wanders at night, so Julie wasn’t too concerned when she hadn’t reappeared before she headed off to work. “Sara had been due at the vets for a routine appointment the following day, so when they called, I thought it was to do with that,” said teaching assistant Julie.

“But they said she had been found by a passer-by who had brought her in after being hit by a car a few streets away from my house. “I didn’t think she’d make it, but I got down straight away and she looked so frail and just not my baby. She was in a lot of pain, but she perked up a bit when she saw me, and the vets were brilliant with everything they did.”

Sara underwent a full examination and then treatment at Shipley & Idle, where Pet Health Club members receive a microchip as part of their benefits. “We found she had a pelvic fracture as well as cuts to one of her hind legs,” said vet Kate Barrett. “We put her on fluids and gave her pain relief before anaesthetising her so we could get X-rays. “We were then able to stitch up her wounds before her pelvic injury was treated. “Although they were nasty injuries, she was lucky as it could have been much worse. We always scan stray cats straight away, and that meant Julie could be reunited very quickly.

“It is so important cats are microchipped. Being in touch with the owner helps a lot as we can get permission to do investigations and start treatments.”

Julie had Sara microchipped as a kitten, which was just one of the benefits of the Pet Health Club she had signed up for. Now, she’s encouraging other owners to ensure their cats are microchipped before the new law comes into force on June 10 to prevent them from suffering.

“Sara has a little bit of a limp, but she has been getting stronger and wanting to do more,” said Julie. “She’s even wanted to get out and wander again, but I’ve kept her in. “I’m just so glad she was microchipped, and the vets were able to get in touch with me so quickly.

“If I hadn’t had it done, I’d never have known what had happened and would just have been out hunting the streets when she wasn’t here when I got home from work.

“They are such a big part of the family, and you’d never want to lose them like this.”
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